Sociology BA in English

Basic information about the course


About the profession

A good sociologist is well informed about current socio-economic issues and typically works in a team. He or she has both the theoretical and methodological skills needed to deal with a wide range of social problems. The ability to identify social problems and to propose appropriate solutions. This requires a high degree of empathy and problem sensitivity, as well as a thorough approach to work.

 About the training

At our university, we place particular emphasis on practice-oriented opportunities in the training of sociologists. This is greatly facilitated by the fact that our lecturers work on research tasks on specific empirical issues. The university has good relations with the city of Győr and with major employers, which gives students the opportunity to build up contacts with both public and market actors in the labour market during their studies.

Further education

After graduation, you can continue your studies in one of the following Master's programmes: MA in Regional and Environmental Economics, MA in European and International Governance.

Positions available on the labour market with qualifications

With a degree in sociology, it is possible to find a variety of positions. Some examples of the fields covered are: labour, human resource management, social policy, minority policy, education, health, urban management, urban development, regional and territorial development, socio-cultural sphere, media, marketing and public opinion research, human ecology and environment, advocacy, research management. Potential employers include both public and market sector companies, employers, municipalities, NGOs.


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